Looking back at 2021…

January – cold and icy.

February – the covid restriction made the work space empty. Hardly met my collegues for two months. Teaching on line was a challenge.

March – the first wildflowers appeared again.

April – squirrel jumping from one tree to another over my head.

May – more flowers to capture. 🙂

June – Midsummer. Jump over seven fences while picking seven different kinds of flowers, lay the flowers under your pillow and dream of your future spouse…

July – chasing trees for July Squares.

August – visiting the southern most part of Sweden.

September – practising ICM photography.

October – one last rose.

November – lighting up the dark of November.

December – capturing the snowy landscape.

For Terri´s Sunday Stills Challenge and to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #180.

11 reaktioner på ”Looking back at 2021…

  1. I think you post your pics every day, Maria? What a wonderful collection of a year of photos–must have been hard to choose one per month. I always love looking at what comes out of your talented lens. I love June’s lupines and the accompanying thought! Thank you for your continued support of Sunday Stills!

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  2. Maria – I’d not seen your work before so big nod to Sunday Stills for introducing you ! Your photography is absolutely wonderful and so creative. I cannot imagine trying to post every day so kudos for your commitment on that. Thanks so much for stopping by Lens-Artists this week. Your post would be perfect for a link to our favorite images challenge. Wishing you all the best in 2022!

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