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  1. Hi Maria, Sa mentioned your post to me.

    That looks VERY much like my purple Alyssum ( a hybrid of the usually white ones) or sweet alyssum also called sweet william. 🙂

    I’m thinking they are tiny flowers that are in lots and lots of pom-pom ball shaped flowers on the plant, Under 30cm high? Very pretty and the white ones are sometimes known as carpet of snow!

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      • You’re welcome. It’s a cute name for a cute plant. 🙂

        I stress the second syllable – a-LISS-um.

        I have these little plants popping up all over my garden in early spring and will last long into Autumn if they get enough water and are not in the strong Aussie sun. They reseed themselves.

        Most are pure white but a few have this deep purple red colour mixed with white! 🙂

        Take care. 🙂

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