Lovable birds

It is hard to choose a favourite bird! We are so lucky to have Kingfishers living close by at the river. I hope they survive the freezing cold weather this winter. They need open water for feeden. A couple of years ago I got to see Pine Grosbeaks for the first time. They usually keep further north but when the food is scarce they fly further south.
The Nuthatch is a regular visitor in our backgarden and it´s attitude is adorable. Did you know that Swans stay together for many years and sometimes for life? Red Robins are so cute and has a lovely song that can be heard all around our neighbourhood during Spring. Well, these are a few of my favourite birds. 🙂

For Lisa´s Bird Weekly.

8 reaktioner på ”Lovable birds

  1. Wonderful gallery this week! I love the iconic heart shape of the Swans. That is so perfect for Valentine’s Day. I hope your Kingfishers survive the harsh winter too. Our winter is super cold here in most of the states. Some record cold temps this week. We are not in that group. The front stalled right over north Florida so Florida is literally the warmest place right now. We have a lot of bird action because of it. 🙂

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