Entry for Terri´s Sunday Still Challenge over at Second Wind Leisure.


Comfort Zone

Out in nature, capturing the seasons changing, the light that continuosly change, all the colours that are on display: that´s my comfort zone.

Entry for Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by The Snow melts Somewhere.

Gäster vid matningen / Guests at the bird feeder

Många små bevingade gäster vid matningen denna vecka. Idag var det ca 20 gråsiskor på besök och den senaste veckan har en ensam svarthättehona besökt matningen varje dag.

The last week there have been a lot of small winged friends in the garden. Today approximately 20 redpolls visited and for the last week or so a lone female blackcap has been foraging on all the different seeds and nuts.

Female Blackcap

Svarthättehonan har en skada på vänstra sidan näbben, men vänsterögat verkar vara oskatt.

The Blackcap has an injury on the left side of the beak, but the eye seems to be unharmed.