Red Robin

In Sweden we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving, but we have feasts celebrating the year´s harvest. In southern Sweden it is tradition to have a goose dinner in early November.
My hubbie and I had a discussion the other day and agreed that we are lucky: we have a lovely family, we both have jobs and somewhere to live and we have all managed to stay healthy. In times like these I am also so very thankful for the possibility to be outside in the nature and not be restricted to the living space only. Yes, we have a more restricted life keeping our social life to a mimimum, not travelling as we used to do, but staying safe and keeping healthy is the most important thing.

For Terri´s Sunday Stills Challenge a Red Robin representing luck, protection and care taking.

Kinda long time ago…

I been digging in old photo albums to find a shot of myself dressed as a flower for some preschool activity as I promised Becky to try and find this earlier this month. Finally it is time to reveal this ”flowery” photo.

Me (on the left) and my cousin.

I don´t think I look very happy about being a flower! This is taken a long time ago, to be more precise 50 years ago, and the original photo has aged and turned a bit yellow.

For Becky´s October Squares.