Getting creative with ICM and double exposure

Last week I participated in an on-line photo workshop with the theme ”Creative Landscapes”. Here are some of my photos, they all include the use of ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) or double exposure.

It was quite challenging but a lot of fun and certainly outside my comfort zone. 🙂 Everyone handed in 5 photos each night and the next morning the teacher showed everyone´s photos and gave feed back.

Söderåsens National Park

Beech forest

In Sweden there are 30 National Parks. Söderåsen is one of the three in the southern most part of Sweden. Here the Beech forest dominates. I love how the the sun light filters through the green leaves and give the forest its special light. Very little light reaches the floor of the forest så there are few other plants growing beneath the trees.

Entry for Terri´s Sunday Still Challenge.


Snaefellsjökull is a vulcano topped with a glacier- The vulcano is almost 1500 m high and on clear days can be seen from Reykvjavik which is approximately 120 km further south. Here seen in the light of the setting midnight sun from a coastal walkway in Reykjavik.

Entry for Friendly Friday hosted by Amanda at Something to Ponder About.